Eye Comfort Plan

Vision Care Plan members can benefit from our enhanced Eye Comfort Plan.

The Eye Comfort Plan is tailored towards those that suffer from dry, uncomfortable or watery eyes and is available to spectacle and contact lens wearers and non-wearers.

Eye Comfort Plan members receive the following benefits:

  • Access to our Dry Eye Clinic services as often as required
  • Full eye examination every year – or as often as advised by your Optometrist
  • Retinal scanning and any additional procedures as recommended by the Optometrist
  • Access to our ‘open door’ scheme, giving you priority access to see an Optometrist at the earliest convenient time
  • Unlimited 25% discount on all complete prescription spectacles
  • 15% off all dry eye products recommended by your Optometrist
  • 10% off all non-prescription sunglasses and spectacle accessories
  • Exclusive member promotions

Who would most likely benefit?

Anyone who requires access to our Dry Eye Clinic would mostly benefit from our Eye Comfort Plan, or who suffers from dry eye syndrome. This includes anyone experiencing persistent discomfort from their eyes with symptoms such as:

  • Dryness, grittiness or soreness in one or both eyes
  • Redness of the eye
  • Watery eyes, particularly when exposed to wind
  • Itchy, sore or red eyelids with crusts on the eyelashes
  • Difficulty opening eyes in the morning

What is dry eye syndrome? Click here to read more.

For more information about our Eye Comfort Plan call 01603 626 750


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