Santa Claus spotted at Dipple & Conway..

Rumours are abound that Santa Claus himself was spotted heading into our Castle Street practice last Monday.

We have it on good authority that he booked in for an eye test ahead of his Christmas Eve journey, after concerns about his ability to spot several constellations came to light.

Vintage driving goggles; the Dipple & Conway archive

He also signed up several of his elf team to our Vision Care Plan, after a muddle up reading the feeding schedule for the reindeer.

When asked for confirmation of the visit, Matthew Conway said;

“although we respect the confidentiality of our clients we can confirm that Christmas is fully back on track, thanks to an updated prescription for several visitors from the North Pole region.  Whether you are driving sleighs, making toys or grooming reindeer, we are always happy to help find the best eye care for your journey this Christmas.  We do ask however, that all reindeer wait outside the practice'”

round frame glasses by Lindberg


The Dipple & Conway team