Prescription Glasses

At Dipple & Conway we stock a vast range of designer spectacles for men, women and children.

Our prescription glasses range from lightweight, elegant and simplistic styles, to vintage influences and urban, modern shapes.  Whether you are looking for sporty or stylish, geeky or trendy, smart or sophisticated, we have hundreds of frames to suit you.

Dipple & Conway are also specially trained to test children’s eyes and to find glasses that are the perfect fit – while making the whole experience easy and fun!

We stock a large range of children’s prescription glasses from infancy to early adulthood. Designs feature strong frames to withstand rough and tumble, as well as impact resistant lenses and a range of hard wearing materials such as metal, plastic and carbon.

We know that wearing glasses (especially for the first time) can sometimes be emotional for children, so we stock a large selection of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns to suit every personality!

We believe that children deserve the best eye care possible, and we are on hand to offer advice and aftercare to parents whenever you need us.


Unlimited access to the highest level of eye care, plus discounts on glasses, exclusive offers & events.