14th February 2022
Paul and her family

At Dipple & Conway Opticians our clinical team take care of the eyesight of hundreds of people throughout Norfolk. We cannot stress enough the importance of a regular eye test, conducted by optical professionals using the latest technology. We are medical experts who not only look out for your eyes, but your overall health and wellbeing too. 

One of our longstanding customers, Paula Jermy, recently told us how one of her regular check-ups had a huge impact on her life – here is her story:

I chose Dipple & Conway Opticians as I have been having my eyes tested there since I was five in 1972. I used to see Mr Conway, Robert’s father, then have seen Robert Conway ever since his dad’s retirement. 

I visit every year for my eye test., and simply thought this appointment would be the same as any other. It was during the lockdown in February. I normally go around April but as Dipple & Conway were open during lockdown and I knew they were excellent with all the sanitation, I felt comfortable and confident to go in.

Since October, I’d been suffering from a headache, but I had just lost my sister to cancer so assumed it was stress.  Also, a couple of times my eye had felt peculiar. I can only describe it as the eyeball was feeling ‘swimmy’; like looking through water for a few seconds. It felt like a ‘head rush’ but in my eye. 

I phoned for an appointment and Dipple & Conway booked me in really quickly, for the following week. I was given my pressure checks and scans etc., I always find the staff so helpful and kind. They manage to make you feel like you are the most important person there and they just want the best for you.

Then I went through to see Robert Conway. As always, he is very kind and thorough and puts you at ease. After my eye test he looked to the back of my eye and said he could see a bit of a change and would refer me to the eye clinic at NNUH. 

He said I should let him know if I hadn’t heard from them after a few weeks and he would chase it up. He was very calm as he spoke to me and explained what he could see. I wasn’t nervous at all. 

The following day I had a call from the NNUH asking if I could attend a glaucoma clinic on the Saturday. Just two days later! 

I asked my son to drive me as I presumed, I’d be having drops in my eyes. I went straight into my appointment and saw the consultant within minutes of entering the department. 

She looked into the back of my eyes and did some different tests and left the room to check something. When she returned, she said, “We are going to have to do an emergency procedure on you.” So, I asked when she’d like me to come back, to which she replied, “No, now! If I don’t do it now, you’ll be blind in a few hours – I watched the drain hole in your eye close completely while looking at it! I’ve just checked the laser room and it’s all ready for you to go in.” 

Well, I didn’t have any time to panic or research all the worst things that can happen. So, I went straight into the next room after having anaesthetic drops in my eyes; the laser burnt little holes into my irises to relieve the pressure. I hardly felt a thing. The consultant said, if it hadn’t been for my optician noticing the abnormality and acting quickly, I would definitely have lost my sight. 

Following the procedure, I had drops for a few weeks then after that, I wouldn’t have known I’d had anything done apart from the fact that my headache disappeared immediately! 

I would highly recommend Dipple & Conway to anyone.  You get to see the same optician whenever you go, and they really take the time to get to know you and your eyes. They are so up to date with their equipment and tests and incredibly thorough

The consultant at the eye clinic even remarked that Dipple & Conway Opticians have more up to date equipment than the hospital.  

Without Robert’s expertise and quick thinking, I would be blind. I can’t thank Robert enough for saving my eyesight.

Posted by Dipple Conway

"I’m very impressed by the friendly and helpful attitude of the staff at Dipple and Conway, and by the very competent and professional service my optometrist provided. It really is a pleasure to ones eyes tested there."

Mike Lindsay
Optician Awards Finalist Investor in People The College of Optometrists British Contact Lens Association Association of Dispensing Opticians Best Family Business 2020

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