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27th October 2020

Your eyecare should always be a top priority to any optician, but when it comes to the larger corporate companies, clients often find themselves a little lost amongst the crowd. You should never feel that your appointments with an optician are rushed or that you are not listened to, but sadly many suffer due to undiagnosed problems concerning the eyes, delays in scheduling an appointment and not being listened to. It is for this reason that here at Dipple & Conway we created our highly regarded Vision Care Plan. If any of the above apply to you, then our Vision Care Plan might be exactly what you are looking for. To help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you, we have collated this blog detailing the main benefits of the Vision Care Plan and how it can truly make a difference when it comes to your eyecare requirements. 

What is the Vision Care Plan?

Created with you in mind, our Vision Care Plan is in place to give you peace of mind when it comes to your eyecare. After countless clients came to us from different opticians with issues relating to customer care and importantly their eyecare, we felt that action needed to be taken, and created the Vision Care Plan with these customers in mind, meaning they will never again have to stress about whether their eyecare is in good hands. Offering a hassle free service with countless benefits, our Vision Care Plan allows you to live a stress free life knowing that our door is always open at any time you need us. In addition to this, the plan enables you to benefit from fully comprehensive eyecare, and at a fixed monthly fee. There are many other  benefits to the plan, as detailed below.

What are the Benefits of the Vision Care Plan?

Our Vision Care Plan most importantly enables you to benefit from fully comprehensive eye care, this includes not only regular eye examinations, as often as recommended by your Optometrist but also access to any other diagnostic procedures, as advised. This might include diagnostics such as OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) which is an advanced eye scan for people of all ages.

Members of our plan receive special promotions, invitations to exclusive members events and are entitled to an unlimited 25% discount on all complete spectacles purchases, meaning you can take your pick of the latest designer glasses at a more affordable price. This discount also allows you to consider second pairs of glasses, for hobbies or work, or if you would like to switch things up every now and then. Due to the 25% discount, prescription sunglasses, extra driving glasses and adaptations to lenses such as thinner lenses are also incredibly popular among our Vision Care Plan members.

Dipple & Conway’s ‘open door policy’ is an exclusive benefit for Vision Care Plan members, meaning that once a member you can be seen by one of our experienced Optometrists as soon as possible. This means that you can get immediate attention regarding any eyecare problems or issues you may be experiencing, giving you peace of mind that no matter the issue, our friendly team are on hand to help.

Is the Vision Care Plan Right for me?

Whilst anyone can join our Vision Care Plan, it is especially beneficial for those who rely on their spectacles, wear contact lenses or have complex eye health issues. However, if you are none of the above but are concerned that your eyecare requirements are not being fulfilled, then the Vision Care Plan will ensure that you are always well looked after and we are there for you should you ever need us.

If your eye examinations are subsidised by the NHS, as a member of the Vision Care Plan you will still retain your full NHS entitlement and any NHS vouchers can be used towards the cost of spectacles.

As a member of the plan, there is no minimum spend when it comes to purchasing spectacles and there is no obligation to purchase new eyewear at any time; although most members find that they can purchase new spectacles should they wish due to the 25% discount. You will also have access to our full range of spectacles and will find that you have more choice than ever with the discount at hand.

What are the Prices of the Vision Care Plan?

With membership fees starting at £14.50 a month, see a full list of our prices here: With varying tiers of the Vision Care Plan available (standard, enhanced and extended), you can choose the best one to suit your needs.

At Dipple & Conway our priority is always you, and with our Vision Care Plan you can be assured that all of your eye care needs are taken care of. With a wide range of benefits, including exclusive offers and discounts, our ‘open door policy’ and additional access to any other diagnostic procedures as well as your general eye exam, your vision will stay at its best with Dipple & Conway. Get in touch with a friendly member of our team today to see the options available for you to join our Vision Care Plan.

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"I’m very impressed by the friendly and helpful attitude of the staff at Dipple and Conway, and by the very competent and professional service my optometrist provided. It really is a pleasure to ones eyes tested there."

Mike Lindsay
Optician Awards Finalist Investor in People The College of Optometrists British Contact Lens Association Association of Dispensing Opticians Best Family Business 2020

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