Eye Care

Changes in eyesight can sometimes be so gradual that they may go unnoticed. That is why at Dipple & Conway we recommend regular eye examinations to ensure you have optimum vision as well as checking for a range of eye conditions.

It is important to ensure that you are receiving optimum visual performance from the spectacles or contact lenses you are using.

In addition to checking for conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, colour deficiency and field of vision defects, our Optometrists are able to offer a new retinal scanning technology – the OCT scan. This takes a digital scan of the back of the eye allowing us to record and monitor parts of the retina in a way not possible with conventional instruments.

Our hugely successful Vision Care Plan offers the reassurance of including emergency appointments and further clinical tests as often as required. Vision Care Plan members can also benefit from initial access to our Dry Eye Clinic at reduced cost. Find out more about our Vision Care Plan and how it can benefit you.

Eye Comfort Plan members enjoy access to our full range of Dry Eye Services at a greatly reduced cost. For more information about our Eye Comfort Plan click here.

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