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18th August 2020

We’ve never been more excited to be one step closer to welcoming both loyal and new customers back into our stores.

Whether this period has made you want to spruce up your style or realise that an eye test may be necessary, we can’t wait to serve you all again.

If you’re looking for some new glasses, we have a friendly team on hand to help you choose your perfect frame. Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic or are feeling a little more daring, we have various styles to suit all face shapes, and only ever offer the absolute best quality and customer service.

With our knowledgeable team at hand, talking you through the different styles, colours and shapes available, you’ll walk out with a pair of glasses that feel as though they were made for you. We understand that it can be overwhelming to walk in and see a multitude of frames on show, here’s our break down of styles so you have a better understanding of what suits you and what you’re searching for when next in store.

Colours and patterns

Much like how clothes and hair have a fashion trend for every season, so do glasses. Dipping in and out of colours and shapes throughout the years. We love to keep up with all the latest trends, you can expect to see the newest styles in our stores.

The 2020 trend for glasses is all about distinctive, daring looks. Think cat eye and oversized frames, paired with bold colours or even a clear frame for everyday wear.

Clear and white frames

Although subtle to the naked eye, these modern and audacious frames prove to be a popular choice amongst wearers who prefer a unique style. Different from your standard black, a common colour choice for everyday use, these are sophisticated but right on trend. Perfectly paired with oversized shapes or something a bit more retro, such as a cat eye.

Leopard print

This versatile, classic print has never truly gone out of trend and we love the fun factor this print adds to any look. Only a small splash of the print allows you to make a bold statement, without edging towards gaudy, to an outfit that often uniform and plain. The leopard print suits most frames, so you can opt for something oversized or the traditional rounded. 

Nude colours

Nude shades have been around for years, embracing something soft, albeit huge appeal that makes for a humble statement. Nude shades work beautifully for all, both male and female, and can really enhance one’s skin tone and features.

Bold colours

Bold is beautiful and we love seeing these styles on our customers. The thought of a colourful frame can often scare people, but trust us, try on a daring colour and you may just fall in love with a new look.

The frames

We’ve already mentioned oversized and cat eye, but there is a wide selection of frame shapes available and it’s not always the case of one size fits all. Knowing your face shape and what suits you can really help towards finding the perfect pair, so let’s start there first.

5 types of face shapes:

  1. Oval
  2. Heart
  3. Round
  4. Triangular
  5. Square

Once you have determined your face shape, you’re more likely able to choose the correct frames for you. We’ve provided some of our team’s suggestions for each of the face shapes below, if you require a helping hand.


A square face shape often has more angular features, including a strong jaw line that is symmetrical with the cheek bones and forehead.

We would recommend something with a curve to help soften the face while highlighting the desired features, frames such as oval and round suit are ideal choices.


Similar to the square shape, the rounded face has a set jaw and a prominent forehead and cheekbones, although the angles are considerably softer.

Where we take the stance of using softer curves for a square face shape, with the rounded face, we’d choose to go the opposite and opt for frames with angles. These are classic for bringing out softer features.

Select a more rectangular shape, where the bottom of the frame sits just above your cheekbones to really enhance them.

Cat eye frames are also perfect for this shape as they have angular sides, brilliant for drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

Heart shape

A heart shape face is often quite narrow at the chin and is wider across the through the forehead. For this shape, it’s all about finding a frame that establishes balance across the face, giving the illusion of a slightly wider bottom half.

Oval shaped frames are works of art when you want your eyes to be the focal point of your face. Fantastically modern and always on trend, you could pair this frame with a quirky print or bold colour.

Alternatively, for the introvert, nude shades attract less attention whilst doing their job of balancing out your face shape.

If you’re conscious of your bottom half being narrow, try glasses that are more bottom heavy, this will help to fill the area out.


The opposite to the heart, a triangular face shape is slightly wider across the jaw and narrows at the crown of the head. A great way to balance this out is to choose glasses that are top heavy as opposed to bottom. This will help to give the illusion of a wider forehead, making the overall shape more symmetrical.

Cat eye frames are great for this, massively on trend right now and can add an alluring flare to any look.


The oval shape is a much-desired face shape due to its versatility when choosing the style, you want. With wider cheekbones, narrowing at the jawlines and forehead, this shape makes glasses shopping very easy.

You’re fortunate to have a face shape that can work nearly any style, take the time to play around with different shapes and colours.

Oversized frames work perfectly with oval features, try on different shapes such as rectangle, square and geometric to find one that you’re most comfortable in.

Nevertheless, whatever your face shape, we’re here to help you choose the best frames for you and make you feel completely comfortable wearing them. Our friendly and professional team have an extensive amount of knowledge, so even though after this guide you should be up to scratch on what suits you, pop into your nearest store to try them out.

Interested in seeing more of our fashion forward frames? Our friend Donna Whitbread takes us through her favourite here:The final installment of our video series. The fabulous @donna_whitbread talks us through her favourite frames here at #dippleandconway ✨ Brands featured @schnuchel_eyewear @cutlerandgross and @lio_occhiali_official .Thanks to Donna 🙏🏻 and also the excellent @neonpeachfilms for creating yet another brilliant video 📽 . . #swaffham #norwich #diss #eyewear #glasses #spectacles #norwichopticians #norwichindependents #norfolkindependents #style #fashion #design #designer #brand #supportlocal #norwichfashion #opticians #opticsworld #opticiansworld #eyecare #designerframes #designerglasses #cutlerandgross #eyes

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